Microfinance & Enterprise Development
Affordable Loan to Grow Wheat for Poor Rural Farmers
Affordable Loan to Grow Sugarcane for Poor Rural Farmers
Affordable Loan to Grow Cotton for Poor Rural Farmers
Affordable Loan to Breed Livestock for Poor Rural Farmers
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Microfinance & Enterprise Development

National Rural Support Programme
Rahim Yar Khan

NRSP’s Microfinance and Enterprise Development Programme (MEDP) has been providing microcredit since 1992. The Programme provides services to men and women in rural areas, satisfying the credit and insurance needs of farmers through the crop, enterprise, and livestock-related loans.

The microcredit programme serves the agriculture sector. A major portion of microcredit is based on agriculture loans on different crops like sugarcane (the largest portfolio of microcredit), cotton and wheat. This covers loans for crops and livestock. Sugarcane loan in NRSP, Rahim Yar Khan is the major part of microcredit that is empowering farmers and assisting them in the timely procurement of quality seeds for their crops, technical assistance and mitigate irrigation expenses that eventually leads them towards better production and optimum yield.

15,884.04 (M)

Total Amount Disbursed Since Year-2000


Total Number of Loans Disbursed Since Year-2000


Our Loan Recovery Ratio till Present

More AboutMicrofinance & Enterprise Development

The men and women who belong to the Community Organisations want and need credit for income generation. Without material collateral, farmers, micro-entrepreneurs and home-based laborers have no way of accessing affordable credit. Instead, they must rely on money-lenders who often charge usurious rates of interest. NRSP provides credit for activities that generate revenue and build assets. The majority of our clients need credit for agricultural inputs such as seed and fertilizers, so they can increase their yields. Credit for livestock is also in high demand. A major sector that has been increasing in importance over time is enterprise development in urban and rural areas. In a few situations, when conditions have warranted it, we have provided credit to individuals for lift irrigation, land-leveling, and other productive infrastructure.

Credit alone is not enough to provide the opportunity to enhance incomes. We also offer skill development through vocational training and enterprise development training. Besides, we offer training in financial management, business development, natural resource management and livestock management to our credit clients.