Our Objectives

National Rural Support Programme
Rahim Yar Khan

The main objective of NRSP is to foster a countrywide network of grassroots level organizations to enable rural communities to plan, implement and manage developmental activities and programmes for the purpose of ensuring productive employment, alleviation of poverty and improvement in the quality of life.

NRSP is designed in such a way that it specializes as a support organization, which provides social guidance to the communities. The guiding tenets of NRSP’s philosophy are to organize rural communities develop their capital base at the local level through savings and credit schemes, support human development endeavors and link the communities with the government service delivery departments, donors, NGOs and the private sector. While interacting with so many stakeholders, NRSP carefully outlines its role as that of a facilitator. This leads the communities and other partners to maintain their relationship independent of NRSP.

The generic principles of NRSP’s philosophy prevent it from following a preconceived package approach. The whole quest is to identify and support whatever activities communities intend to do on their own according to their prioritized needs.

The only reliable indicator to assess a community’s willingness to achieve a particular goal is the intensity of its previous endeavors to accomplish that desire and the persistence and consistently towards the work.