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Social Sector Servises (SSS) - Health


Free Eye Camps

NRSP frequently organize free eye camps in different remote areas. The ultimate objective of this initiative is to provide quality eye care health services to poor rural community where access to eye hospital is inaccessible. In this endeavor JDW Sugar Mills' coordination regarding hospitality and arrangement of cataract surgeries in JDW Sugar Mills premises, is highly appreciated.


Summary of Eye Camps

Camps Organized OPDs Status Cataract Surgeries Status
Male Female Total Male Female Total
60 20,061 20,180 40,241 1,876 1,752 3,628



Free Limbs Camps

Artificial prosthetic limbs installed to disabled persons. These camps are also organized in JDW Sugar Mills. A team from NRSP’s “Pehla Qadam” programme installed the limbs made of high quality and low weight plastic of Paris that replace the traditional, heavy weight wood or metal limbs.


Summary of Limbs Camps

Camps Organized Limbs Installed Beneficiaries
Male Female Total
03 375 329 36 365