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Combating Abusive Child Labor –II (CACL-II)

Combating Abusive Child Labor –II (CACL-II)

The objective of the project is to eliminate Abusive Child Labour in District Sukkur through Education, Vocational Training and Family Social & Economic Empowerment. Funded by European Union (EU) and technically assisted by International Labour Organization (ILO) the project is successfully implemented by National Rural Support Programme (NRSP) in district Sukkur. The core components of the project include eestablishment of Non-Formal Education Centers (NFEs) for the children of age group (5-14 years)  and identification of NFE target group children (Worst Form of Child Labour-WFCL) and enrolling them into NFE centers, mainstream NFE learners in the schools and siblings of NFE learners are also pre-vented from entering into WFCL, adult literacy centers (ALCs) established to pro-vide a space of learning for elder children and siblings of ALC learners are also en-rolled in ALC. Health screening is another vital component of the project in which NFE and ALC learners will get health screening facility that include on spot medication (during health screening) for acute dis-eases, chronic dis-eases cases are referred to nearest health facility (RHC, BHU).



WFCL children enrolled in NFE



WFCL children mainstreamed



Siblings of WFCL children enrolled in NFE



Children completed literacy course



Literacy learners received vocational training



Formation of mother group


  Training of mother group 3,546
  Business Management Skills Training (BMST)



Community Management Skills Training (CMST)



Livestock Management Skills Trainnig (LMST)


  Sewing & Stitching Training (SST)



Distribution of certificates and Tool Kits



Social mobilization component include aware-ness & advocacy of employer and parents regarding worst impact of child labour on children’s life and importance of education. The most productive component of the whole project is its vocational training programme for passed out ALC learners that will create an opportunity to get rid from hazardous work and assist them towards healthy, more productive and respectable source of income. The trades of this programme are designed keeping in view the demand at the local market, i.e. marketable vocational skills.


As the programme has very holistic approach towards eliminating of child labour therefore it has unique intervention of inclusion of mothers through formation of mother groups and their social mobilization, improving livelihood through the provision of micro credit to mothers and orientation and awareness of internal lending, capacity building of mothers into different disciplines like community management skills training, business management skills training, livestock management skills training, vocational trainings for mothers. In this context, tool kits are distributed to vocational training passed out graduates (boys, girls and mothers) so that they could become able to contribute in family’s livelihood.

Second Shift Schools for Girls - ILM IDEAS

Second Shift Schools for Girls - ILM IDEAS

 ILM IDEAS is UK aid funded programme to award grants nationwide for the purpose of improving education for the children of Pakistan. This programme awarded grants to civil society organisations, entrepreneurs, and other non-governmental entities to implement research, advocacy and innovative pilot projects related to the education of school-aged children. Realizing the idea of innovative pilot projects, NRPS RYK is awarded one year pilot project in district Shikarpur for “Second Shift Schools for Girls” project.



Second shift girls schools established in morning shift/boys schools



Baseline survey completed in schools



No. of teachers



Teacher Trained



No. of students



CPI work completed in schools



Second Shift School for Girls – ILM IDEAS’ basic theme is provision of basic education exclusively for girls in those where there is no girls’ school and girls are deprived from their basic right of education. The project is initiated in two tehsils (Garhi Yasin and Khanpur) of district Shikarpur in 30 boys’ schools that are alternatively utilized and functionalized as girls schools in evening for girls’ classes. In this regard, female teachers are hired and trained for the evening classes and school management committees (SMCs) exclusively activated in these schools. School infrastructure, furniture, stationary is also provided in schools and books are provided to girls. After extensive social mobilization of community and with proper implementation of the project, 1,400 girls are enrolled and regularly attending their classes that made the project very successful.


Provision of Reproductive Health Services through Social Marketing

Provision of Reproductive Health Services through Social Marketing

The project is co funded by UKaid and Department for International Development (DFID), assisted by greenstar social marketing and RSPN and NRSP are implementing partner of this project. The main objective of the project is to provide awareness and social mobilization of rural community regarding reproductive health services through capacity building of community resource persons (CRPs). These CRPs conduct community dialogue sessions for the adequate information, education and assistance on reproductive health. Moreover, under this project village health committees will be formed for prompt access and assistance on women health and reproductive health issues.

Completed Projects
  • CDFP
  • MIOP
  • SMP
  • CMP

Family Planning as a Health Intervention (PACKARD)

Funded by: The David and Lucile Packard Foundation


Couple registration 48,000
No. of health sessions with community 1,500
Participants of health sessions 233,718
Traditional birth attendance 111
Community resource person trainned 300
Service provider trainned 25
Puppet shows organized 18


Union Council Based Poverty Reduction Programme (UCBPRP- Education Component)

Funded by: Sindh Rural Support Organization (SRSO)


No. of schools re-functionalized (Morning shift) 102
No. of second shift girls primary schools established 24
Early childhood education centers (ECEC) established 9
Total enrollment 8,290
Boys 2,474
Girls 5,816
Enrollment in morning shift schools 6,519
Boys 2,347
Girls 4,244
Enrollment in second shift girls primary schools (Girls) 1,446
Enrollment in ECEC


Boys 127
Girls 126
Infrastructure work (CPIs) completed in shcools 94
Cost incurred on CPI work (in million) 39.27
Provision of furniture in schools 119
Provision of sports kits 112


Prime Minister's Special Initiative for Livestock (PMSIL)

Funded by: Punjab Government


No. of Animals Treated 2,064,272
No. of Animals Dewormed 207,668
No. of Animals Vaccinated 669,222
No. of Artificial Insemination (A.I) 11,604







Community Dairy Farms Project (CDFP)

Funded by: JDW Sugar Mills


Community farms established 15
Farmers groups formed 60
Farmers organized 235
Animals housing / shed 60
Milk production (liter per day) - Before project 4
Milk production (liter per day) - After project 9
Milk market rate to farmers - Before project 30
Milk market rate to farmers - After project 45-50



Microfinance Innovation and Outreach Programme (MIOP) - Livestock Development

Funded by: Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF)


Women farmers enterprise group (WFEG) formed 56
WFEG membership 556
Apex enterprise group (AEG) formed 2
AEG membership 54
No. of borrowers 449
Disbursement (in million) 26.41





School Milk Project (SMP)

Funded by: Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF)


No. of schools 50
Enrollment - Before project 6,345
Boys 3,657
Girls 2,688
Enrollment - After project 6,636
Boys 3,867
Girls 2,769
Flavored milk (Banana, Chocolate, Mango, Strawberry) packs consumed (200 ml milk packs) 181,812



Crop Maximization Project (CMP)

Funded by: Federal Ministry of Agriculture


Famers associations (FAs) formed 292
FAs membership 3,216
Village organizations (VOs) formed 67
VOs membership 3,216
VOs registered 67
No.of VOs received revolving fund 18
Disbursement amount of revolving fund (in million) 8.02