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Physical Infrastructure & Technology Development


In addition to provision of micro credit services, NRSP’s CO members also get benefit from community infrastructure schemes (CPIs). In district RYK many rural communities lack basic infrastructure and facilities required for irrigation and water storage and on time availability of water for cultivation of land. Moreover, many of them don’t have means of linkages with district government agriculture and infrastructure departments. In this vein, NRPS also plays bridge role between rural disadvantageous community and functional departments of NGOs and government.


CPIs Cost (PKR million)
Total Cost 173.29
Donor Share 123.93
Community Share 49.36

CPIs identification is the preliminary and most important phase in the whole case. These CPIs include different categories major types of CPIs are irrigation / agriculture (turbines, water courses), communication (culverts, bridges, brick soling), sanitation (toilets), others (model village and biogas plants).  Water courses, turbines, roads, culverts, drainage system are always amongst the top priorities identified by community members.  Once CPI need is identified by CO members, NRSP, PITD section i.e. filed engineers conduct feasibility studies, develop digest document relating to technical, financial and environmental aspects of the proposed scheme. The objective of this feasibility study is to ensure that communities are able to meet their commitments of resources and have ample responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the schemes.