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Micro-finance Enterprise & Development Programme (MEDP)


Microcredit programme serves agriculture sector. Major portion of microcredit is based on agriculture loans on different crops like sugarcane (the largest portfolio of microcredit), cotton and wheat. This covers loans for crops and livestock. Sugarcane loan in NRSP RYK is the major part of microcredit that is empowering farmers and assisting them in timely procurement of quality seeds for their crops, technical assistance and mitigate irrigation expenses that eventually leads them towards better production and optimum yield.


NRSP RYK region also devised larger loan policy under the MEDP. This policy benefits farmers for the loan of Rs. 40,000-100,000. Other products in micro credit are livestock loan and enterprise loan. Enterprise loan is exclusively introduced to support women that resulted women empowerment through making them part of income generating activities and improving their livelihood.

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