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Environment & Natural Resource Management (ENRM)


NRSP believes that one of the keys to successful poverty alleviation is enabling rural poor people to have access to natural resources and to the technologies to use these resources productively and sustainably. In this context NRPS RYK formulated its ENRM sector that ensures optimum level of assistance for the rural poor, most of whom depend directly on agriculture, gardening and livestock for their livelihood. Many CO members have benefited from seasonal plantation activities and vegetable gardening through vegetable seed distribution from NRSP to promote prompt access of income generating activity. Plantation activity is also commenced as regular seasonal activity in many schools to promote green culture and students are educated for the importance of trees in our environment.


  No. of animals vaccinated 701,809
  No. of animals treated 2,073,738
  No. of animals dewormed 219,599
  No. of animals artificial inseminated 14,180
  Kitchen Gardening
  No. of vegetable seed packets distributed 8,100
  Beneficiary households 6,350
  Tree Plantation
  Sampling plants 1,100
  School plantation campaign (no. of schools) 85

Livestock services at grassroots level are also supporting rural poor people to enhance their livelihood. The services include vaccination, deworming, artificial insemination and other treatment. The productivity of livestock increases when adequate feed, treatment from viral diseases is provided to livestock.

Biogas plant is also playing vital role in provision of renewable energy to rural community. After the successful completion of 100 biogas plants from JDWSMs, Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) committed NRSP to install approximately 100 biogas plants in different rural areas of RYK.  In the years 2010-12, PPAF under its community physical infrastructure schemes approached NRSP to install more biogas plants in the area so that maximum rural community could be benefited by renewable source of energy.